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These just keep coming fast and furious!

Thinware Media Announces Partnership with Render Rocket

Thinware Media Ltd., developers of StudioCAP workflow automation and asset management for animation studios, and Render Rocket LLC, an advanced cloud-based rendering services company based in California, have announced a new strategic partnership and technology integration that will enable animation studios to fully automate the process of rendering completely managed via cloud computing.

StudioCAP (CAP=Computer Aided Production) is a completely new workflow automation and asset management solution for animation studios. Its cloud-based system enables studios to more efficiently store, track, and move 2D and 3D CGI (computer generated image) assets through the creation process without having to install and manage a costly IT infrastructure to do so. Render Rocket is a cloud-based, high-end rendering service that provides professional-grade rendering power on-demand to any 2D or 3D production team regardless of size or location.

Together, StudioCAP and Render Rocket will enable studios to manage their files more effectively, and automatically trigger a render job by simply submitting an image or shot after an artist has completed it. This will immediately package and send all the files to Render Rocket for rendering. Render Rocket will quickly return the files to StudioCAP fully rendered. The entire process not only automates rendering for artists, it alleviates the need for studios to purchase and maintain dedicated file servers and rendering machines, since both StudioCAP and Render Rocket operate in the cloud.

“We are very excited that Ruben and his team are onboard with Thinware Media,” said Mark Rocchio, CEO of Thinware Media Ltd. ”Render Rocket is a well-established, easy-to-use rendering solution that works seamlessly with StudioCAP, and this will undoubtedly simplify how our customers take content from concept to final render.”

Ruben Perez, CEO of Render Rocket, added: “StudioCAP is the perfect complement to our cloud-based rendering solution. Now studios of all sizes can create content more efficiently, manage projects and assets more efficiently, and render more efficiently – all within the cloud and without massive capital investment. This partnership has the potential to re-define how all types of media are produced.”

Check out our latest press release!

Render Rocket Launches Mission Control 3.0
at SIGGRAPH 2011

Improved Web-based render job “control center” and programmable API speed and simplify Render Rocket’s cloud-based rendering service

LOS ANGELES Aug 3, 2011Render Rocket LLC, an advanced cloud-based rendering services company, announced that it is launching a new version of Mission Control, its Web-based “control center” for starting, monitoring, controlling and downloading render jobs. Launching at SIGGRAPH 2011, Mission Control 3.0 will enable individual artists and animation studios working with Render Rocket to experience a more streamlined user interface, faster file transfer times, multi-user access and a programmable cloud rendering API for integrating Mission Control directly into 3D tools and production pipelines. Render Rocket will be attending SIGGRAPH 2011 to showcase all of Mission Control’s latest features.

Render Rocket is a cloud-based, high-end rendering service that provides professional-grade rendering power on-demand to any 2D or 3D production team regardless of its size or location. Those production teams access Render Rocket’s private network and control their render jobs through its highly secure, Web-based interface or “control center”, which is called Mission Control. The newly launched version of Mission Control was built to further speed and simplify the management of self-service rendering jobs as demand for the Company’s rendering services grow.

“Since 2010, we’ve experienced more than a 30 percent increase in the demand for our rendering services, worldwide,” said Ruben Perez, CEO of Render Rocket. “To meet the demands of this growing user base, we’ve been working on a number of ways to make our solution faster, more user friendly, and easier to integrate into existing production environments. Mission Control 3.0 is the culmination of all of that work, and we’re really excited to be showing it off at this year’s SIGGRAPH.”

On the front end, Mission Control 3.0 features a more streamlined user experience that makes it easier for users to start, monitor, control, and download render jobs. The upgraded Mission Control also includes options for secure, multi-user access, which enables studios to more effectively work with teams of artist and managers by setting permissions on individual projects and files as needed during the production process.

On the back end, Render Rocket has completely upgraded its network in order to meet rising demand and speed render job times. The new upgrade includes faster servers, more scalable network storage built on the latest Isilon technology, and expanded render farm capacity to handle last-minute, highly complex render jobs.

“Rendering in film and design is becoming more and more data intensive,” said John Morales, COO of Render Rocket. “Working with our technology partners, we’ve increased our storage capacity five-fold since last year. Our service platform is more robust and more secure, with stronger file security and system redundancy. This enables us to take on render jobs from single users and massive film studios alike, without any adverse affects on our system.”

In addition, Mission Control 3.0 will now allow studios to streamline the remote rendering process by integrating Render Rocket directly into their animation pipeline using a programmable cloud rendering API. This API allows studios with in-house developers to integrate Render Rocket to automatically handle overflow renders, and to integrate Mission Control data into existing in-house dashboards or other monitoring applications.

Pricing and Availability

The Render Rocket team will be at SIGGRAPH 2011 to show off Mission Control 3.0. Studios interested in seeing all of the latest features should contact sales@renderrocket.com.

For more information on Render Rocket pricing, visit: http://www.renderrocket.com/pricing.

About Render Rocket

Render Rocket began selling remote rendering services to the media and entertainment industry in 2005 with a vision to deliver professional-level rendering power on-demand to any 2D and 3D production team, regardless of its size or location. Today Render Rocket is the leading cloud-based rendering solutions company and offers it’s services to film, post production, visual effects, broadcast, universities, industrial design, automotive, architecture, game cinematics, and graphic design companies. It counts among its numerous customers companies such as Nike, Nokia, Superfad, Nickelodeon, Sony Imageworks, Lockheed Martin, THQ, The Antfarm, Picture Mill, NYU, Columbia University and Engine Room. For more information, visit www.renderrocket.com or email contact@renderrocket.com.

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