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Monthly Archives: October 2011

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Batching is something that often people don’t think about. It is an extremely useful feature of Render Rocket though that can save you some major time and money if used properly. Basically anytime you have a short average frame time (such as under 5 minutes) you should consider batching. What is Batching you ask? Well, glad you asked, it’s where each server on the farm that picks up your job, doesn’t just take 1 frame, it takes the group of frames you specified by your batch size. So if you selected batch size of 10, then each server will take 10 of your frames at a time, and render them as a group before moving on to the next. This helps with efficiency because the server doesn’t have to close and open everything 10 times, but just once. With longer frames the efficiency gained is minimal and the wait time per server will be longer until you see results, but the shorter the frame the more you should consider batching. If you are in the 1 to 2 minute range per frame or less we definitely recommend batching your frames, with batch sizes of at least 5 to 10.

Also see our post in the forum to read more.

Now go on out there and do some batch rendering!

Hey folks, one of the hurdles a lot of our clients have is just getting comfortable with the whole process of how to use an external render farm to help with their workload. How do the logistics of it all work? Are there tips I should know about how to do things more efficiently? What is the best way to get my completed product? Want to know the answer to these and more? Contact Tracey@renderrocket.com for an invite to our next webinar!

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