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Free Credits in March! Education and More!   Check out our latest Customer Spotlight Tangram 3DS and see why they use  Render Rocket for a Visual View from the Clouds! Tips & Tricks, FREE CREDITS and More.

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Working with the most contemporary and high-quality technologies available today, Tangram 3DS brings the visions of architecture firms, interior design firms, real estate brokerages, and many other companies to life in 3D. From yachts to residential homes, commercial buildings to skyscrapers, the team at Tangram 3DS can create it all. Located in the historic town of Kittery, Maine, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in 3D modeling, VR, visualizations, animations, and video editing.

We got a chance to catch up with Jared Foley, Director of Visualization, to find out the latest about Tangram 3DS and how the use of Render Rocket’s cloud-based rendering has helped them turn around more visualization work faster.   Here is what he had to say:

Tell us about Tangram 3DS and its projects.

Tangram 3DS offers customized solutions to the visualization and multimedia needs of our clients – no matter their size, requirements, or experience with 3D visualization projects. We help clients visualize everything from lobbies in a building to giant housing developments and skyscrapers.

We’ve worked with everyone: individual designers, architecture and engineering firms, real estate and development professionals, and large national and international companies.

When and why did you start working with Render Rocket?

We started working with Render Rocket about six months ago. We had a large project with a tight deadline that required more rendering muscle. We have a render farm in-house that is loaded with plug-ins and software, and that could have handled the job, but not in the timeframe we needed it done.

That tight deadline prompted our search for another rendering solution. We looked into purchasing and renting physical hardware, but we quickly dismissed it. Getting the hardware here, getting those machines running with all of the right software, and connecting them to the in-house render farm would have taken way too long. So, after a quick Google search, we happened across Render Rocket and visited their website.

I immediately felt comfortable not only with the look and feel of the website – it was very professional – but also with the information it provided. For example, we’re a VRay house, and I could see that Render Rocket supported VRay. I did have a few extra questions, which I emailed to them. They responded promptly and professionally, so we decided to give them a try.

Why Render Rocket?

Render Rocket has helped us in a number of ways; but if I have to narrow it down, I’d mention these things first:

First, it simplified the process of rendering complex scenes. The first project had some learning curves, but it has gotten easier and easier to just add the service as part of our rendering process. The fact that Render Rocket’s rendering system can tie into our process so seamlessly is huge.

Second, Render Rocket gave us the ability to render as fast and as much as we wanted. Internal render farms have finite power with processors that can only go at a certain speed. Render Rocket, with their different pricing schemes, allowed us to choose how quickly we wanted projects turned around based on the budget and deadline of each project.

Third, Render Rocket gave us complete control of the process.  It’s a bit intimidating when you have all of this work for your client and you hand it over to a cloud-based company. When you upload files to be rendered, Render Rocket has a simple user interface that was easy for us to figure out. Once the files are uploaded, we are able to keep track of how the render job is going, if there are any problems, and when the expected completion date is. That kind of control really minimizes the fear.

You mentioned a learning curve. Can you elaborate?

Sure. When we first started working with Render Rocket, it didn’t support all of our file formats, so we had to make some adjustments on how we created the files before we uploaded them to Render Rocket. Now that we understand those things, subsequent projects have gone smoothly.

When thinking about the benefits of Render Rocket, does any project come to mind?

Here’s a good example of a project we recently used with Render Rocket. It was an aerial fly-by scene that blended actual footage captured by a pilot with 3D houses and over 200,000 3D trees, lighting effects and other foliage. The project had a very tight turnaround. When we completed the animation, we uploaded all of the files – over two GBs worth – to Render Rocket to be rendered.

We got the entire scene back rendered perfectly and the process was completed without a hitch. Working with Render Rocket not only helped us to meet our deadline, but also saved us about 4 to 5 days since our internal render farm was tied up. We would not have been able to finish this project on time had it not been for Render Rocket.

We’d like to thank Tangram 3DS for their time in answering our questions. If you would like to know more about their services, visit http://www.tangram3ds.com/. To test out the Render Rocket service, head over to http://www.renderrocket.com/mc/signup.

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