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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Sweet new changes added to our Render Rocket Classroom Management tool for Schools & Universities and awesome changes to the educational render program.

Renewable Credits are gone forever!

Now all render credits are fixed or normal credits. This means, credits do not expire until you use them. This will give educational facilities a greater level of control over purchasing decisions and make it easier to purchase credits on a yearly, quarterly or semester basis. Purchased credits will be loaded in the administrative or instructor account and will stay there until assigned to students. If students do not use all credits assigned to them; these credits can be moved back into the admin/instructor account to be assigned again as needed. Gone are the days of if you don’t use it you lose it!

No packages required!

Educational Packages have been removed. There is no minimum purchase requirement to get started with Render Rocket. Now you can work with your account manager to buy the number of credits needed for your account on a schedule that works best with your facility. Adding new credits is easy too!

Big Changes added to the Classroom Manager Tool!

Many changes are now available in the Render Rocket Class Manager which give our instructors a greater level of control over the usage of render time, adding and removing credits as well as adding and removing students from the class.

  • Instructors can not only and remove students credits using the batch method, but now instructors can add and remove credits to a single account or any number of student accounts as needed.
  • Credits can be revoked as needed from any one student or number of students as needed. Revoked credits will be added back into the instructor/administrative account.
  • Students can be removed using the batch removal or students can be removed individually as needed. No longer do you need to wait until the render session or semester is over.

And the BEST part for LAST!

Gone are the days of students running in to negative balances for renders they didn’t manage or underestimated. Now, our system will stop a running student job as soon as it starts to go negative. Keep in mind that all renders up to the point that the render was stopped will be available to the student. Students will then need to contact their instructor for more render time and give the instructor an opportunity to review the job with the student.

If you are an instructor and want to learn more about using Render Rocket in the classroom contact us at sales@renderrocket.com.

If you are a student and want to see Render Rocket added to your classroom – reach out to us too! We will be happy to chat with your department chair, instructor or lab manager and give them all the benefits of using Render Rocket like so many other schools and universities across the globe and students worldwide.

R16 Support and a Sweet deal too!

Its a great time to be a Cinema 4D user too! Run a Cinema 4D render project from now until midnight on the 31st of October and get 10% of your credits back after your job completes.

Just email sales@renderrocket.com when your render project has completed with C4D Credit in the subject line and include your account email address, account id and name of render project. Our sales team will review your request and deposit 10% of the credits back into your account and email you when completed.

As an example: if your project takes 1000 credits, 100 credits will be added back to your credit account balance.

We look forward to supporting your Cinema 4D Tests and Projects!

Happy Rendering!
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