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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Cloud rendering, also known as distributed rendering, is the rendering of a 3D application’s scene file over a vast computer network, known throughout the industry as a “Render Farm”. Each individual frame is sent through the network and assigned its very own server. Many high end studios, Architectural firms, Universities, and others of the like tend to use Commercial Render Farms because of the ability to produce results. This can allows artists to create much more content, and allows end customers or managers to review and edit work much faster as well.

When a new job is submitted it is entered into Render Rocket’s Network Management System. From here it has two options; begin rendering (if servers are available) or enter the queue state and begin rendering as soon as a server becomes available. Once servers are available they are assigned to a customer’s job and rendering begins! Once a frame is complete, it outputs the image to the customers FTP account and frees up that server to pick up the next frame in queue. After all frames of a single job are done, the management queue removes the job from queue and sends the information to the website notifying the customer that your frames are ready for download!

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Your first free test render! Congratulations! Test renders are unlimited and free to all new and existing customers.  These tests are crucial and have several purposes, be sure to run 1 or more free test render to:

1. Check and verify the outputted images look correct. If something does not look right you can click the “View Log” link located next to each frame to see any errors that may have been generated. If you need more help, please search our forums or contact support@renderrocket.com

2. Price quotes. We need the resulting test(s) to give you an accurate estimate and turnaround time.

Note: Our Unlimited Free Test Renders only currently support the following output formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIFF .

Here’s more information about Free Test Renders.

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Render Rocket is a self-service 3D render farm supporting Maya, Mental Ray, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Cinema 4D and Maxwell Render. Use our service for a single image or an entire animated feature. Flexible pricing options and quick setup let's you start rendering now.

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