Serving the 3D Design & Animation Community

Render Rocket has fueled some of the best 3D design and animation teams in the business. Below are just a few examples of successful projects we've accomplished over the last few years.

A Few Of Our Clients

  1. Visual FX Production:

    • The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA
    • The Engine Room, West Hollywood, CA
    • Framework LA, Hollywood, CA
    • Fulltank, Santa Monica, CA
  2. Architecture / Industrial Design:

    • The Jerde Partnership, Venice, CA
    • Nike, Beaverton, OR
    • Michael Loper, Talent, OR
  3. Theatrical / Main Title Design:

    • Prologue Films, Venice, CA
    • The Picture Mill, Hollywood, CA
    • Yu+Co, Hollywood, CA
    • mOcean, Los Angeles, CA
  4. Educational Institutions:

    • Oregon School of Art, Portland, OR
    • Buffalo University, Buffalo, NY
    • University of Berlin, Germany
  1. Games / E3:

    • Hydrogen Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA
    • The Digital Lab, Venice, CA
  2. Print Design / Artwork:

    • Concept Arts, Hollywood, CA
    • Photosonic, London, UK
    • Pappas Group, Los Angeles, CA
  3. Broadcast Design / Production:

    • Pyburn Films, New York, NY
    • mOcean, West Los Angeles, CA
    • Prologue Films, Venice, CA
    • Transistor Studios, New York, NY
  4. Fine Art / Video Wall / Event:

    • The Digital Lab, Venice, CA
    • Transistor Studios, New York, NY
    • Ariel Studios, New York, NY
  5. DVD/Interactive Menus:

    • Andy Goldman Productions, Seattle, WA
    • Arno Kroner, Los Angeles, CA

Used by world renowned CG companies

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Dont just take our word for it!

  • "Using Maya for animation and shader management, along with Mental Ray for rendering, we created rich metals and a mysterious black 'goo.' Render Rocket allowed us to render this complex animation with great efficiency." David Garber, Executive Producer, Framework LA
  • "With the impressive scalability of Render Rocket's remote render farm, we were able to turn around over two and a half minutes of 2K, 3D stereoscopic animation in a matter of hours to create the Ant Bully title." Bryan Thombs, Lighting/Rendering Supervisor, The Picture Mill
  • "I am now convinced that in order to be consistently productive and meet my client's deadlines, your services are invaluable. I have considered buying my own machines for rendering and I have come to the conclusion that your services provide the better solution." Michael Loper, Designer