"Maya Rendering with Illuminate Labs' Turtle. Turtle's High Dynamic Range Pipeline at Render Rocket includes: Quick and Simple Ambient Occlusion, Final Gather Precalculation Options, Incredible Baking Features, Real World Physics-based shaders, 32bit images / Open EXR"

Lionsgate Films Theatrical Logos

Engine Room's talented digital effects team chose Render Rocket for rendering the latest edition of the Lionsgate Films logo animation. This project featured extensive use of Illuminate Labs' Turtle renderer.

Project Features:

  • Over 50,000 processor hours used
  • Illuminate Labs, Turtle Render
  • Maya scene analysis
  • Final Gather map support
  • Open EXR output and dynamic previews

Engine Room VFX

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Engine Room combines a talented Film Unit and Feature Digital Effects under one roof.

Used by world renowned CG companies

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Dont just take our word for it!

  • "Using Maya for animation and shader management, along with Mental Ray for rendering, we created rich metals and a mysterious black 'goo.' Render Rocket allowed us to render this complex animation with great efficiency." David Garber, Executive Producer, Framework LA
  • "With the impressive scalability of Render Rocket's remote render farm, we were able to turn around over two and a half minutes of 2K, 3D stereoscopic animation in a matter of hours to create the Ant Bully title." Bryan Thombs, Lighting/Rendering Supervisor, The Picture Mill
  • "I am now convinced that in order to be consistently productive and meet my client's deadlines, your services are invaluable. I have considered buying my own machines for rendering and I have come to the conclusion that your services provide the better solution." Michael Loper, Designer