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Pricing Options for Every User

From solo artists without rendering machines to high-demand studios with full rendering environments, we've got pricing to match your needs! Check out our On Demand or our Server Rental Options. Educational and Non-Profit Pricing available. Click here.

Pay only for what you use with On Demand Rendering

Our on-demand option is ideal for those individuals, studios or companies that need short bursts of rendering capacity. On demand rendering uses render credits: 1 core hour = 1 credit in your account. To get an estimate of the credits you'll need, sign up for an account and run a FREE test render with some sample frames. Then you can use our Render Rocket Project Estimator to calculate the estimated cost of rendering a full shot.

At Will Rendering

No package or minimum purchase required: on-demand rendering is a great option for smaller renders (less than 300 core hours or credits needed). Pricing for this option is $0.50 per core per hour. Once you load your credit card into your account you are Go for Launch! You only pay for what you use when you launch a render job.

Save with Render Packages

Need to render longer or multiple shots now or throughout the year? Try one of our prepaid packages and SAVE! Credits never expire and are waiting for you when you are ready to start your next project.
On-Demand (No Package) Billed For Actual $0.50 0%
$195 410 $0.48 3%
$495 1100 $0.45 9%
$995 2370 $0.42 16%
$2495 6570 $0.38 24%
$4995 14275 $0.35 30%
Need to render a large project or a series of projects throughout the year? Contact our sales team for customized pricing.

Save even more with Economy Rendering

Our least expensive option! Use economy rendering for projects that don’t need to be done in the next few hours and have more flexibility with project delivery. Economy offers a savings of 70% over on-demand pricing and you can combine a render package with economy rendering to boost your savings. Is Economy right for your project?

Pay for a fixed period with Server Rental Options

Companies with a week or more until their deadline and fixed rendering budgets should consider our server rental plans. These options let you access far more rendering power while saving significantly on overhead, maintenance, and capital expenditures. We have two server rental options: SPACE STATION SHARED RENTALS for normal rendering and LUNAR BASE DEDICATED RENTALS for the most demanding production environments.


SPACE STATION is ideal for most of our customers. If you have a week or more until your project is due, and tend to run your render jobs in chunks as you're getting them ready, this is the option for you. If you think you might be an exceptionally heavy user, check out our LUNAR BASE DEDICATED option.


LUNAR BASE is designed for the most demanding production environments that need lots of rendering power 24/7. If you are going to be constantly submitting jobs to the render farm around the clock, LUNAR BASE is the option for you!
You don't have enough rendering capacity, and you need extra for short bursts. X
Your rendering demands are clear, and you have fixed rendering budgets. X X
Perfect for standard use X
Perfect for extremely heavy (24/7) use X
On-demand pricing $0.50 or less per core hour
Weekly price per server $99 Introductory rate $245
Monthly price per server $297 Introductory rate CALL*
Minimum server order 10 5
Availability ALWAYS CALL* CALL*
* Contact us at for details or call (310) 984-6877.

How do I pay?

Payment by credit card (Visa, MC, Amex) and PayPal is accepted. Payment terms can be arranged for large and long-term projects.

Don't need this job done yesterday?

If you purchased one of our packages you can also save an additional 20% by using our "Low Priority" option. You can choose this at launch time for each render job.

High-memory (RAM) requirements?

Does your job need more than 8GB of RAM? We have servers with up to 64GB of ram. On-Demand, High-Memory servers are available for an additional $0.20+ per core hour. Some additional setup time required. Contact us if you have high memory requirements and you plan to use one of our rental options.

So what is a core hour?

Simply put, it is one processor core running for one hour. For example, if you have a dual quad-core workstation (8 cores) running for 1 hour, that would be 8 core hours. Ten 8-core servers running for 1 hour = 80 core hours. Get the idea?

How many core hours for my job?

The BEST way to get an estimate is to run a few sample frames with our FREE Test Render feature and multiply that average time by your total number of frames. Need help getting started? See How it Works!

Do I have to specify the number of servers if rendering on demand?

No, you just launch your render jobs and our automated system will add servers to get your jobs done quickly. For on demand rendering, the final price will be the same regardless of how many servers were added to your render.